May 28, Sunday, 11 am

Phillip Bové, commissioner of Acequia Madre de Santa Fe
The Santa Fe Watershed Association & JourneySantaFe present: A Brief History of Acequias in Santa Fe, With Phil Bové:

Journey Hosts: Andy Otto, Alan Webber and Bill Dupuy


In conjunction with the Santa Fe Watershed Association, Journey Santa Fe is offering four speakers in May on the subject of WATER  and WATERSHEDS IN NEW MEXICO  and how they relate to our local Santa Fe River watershed.



Phillip Bové has been a Commissioner on the Acequia Madre de Santa Fe since 1983 and on the Santa Fe River Commission since 2009.


He lives in Santa Fe with his wife Eleanor of nearly 52 years where they live in the same house on Acequia Madre where she was born.  Phil has always been very interested in water from his very early years of building dams on streams and just playing in the water in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Texas and Virginia.  Enjoyed two months of sea travel while traveling to and from Korea while serving in the U.S. Army.  He enjoys being able to insure that the over 400 year old Acequia Madre continues to do what it was designed and constructed to do: deliver irrigation water to the Acequia parciantes (members).


Phil will present a brief history of acequias in Santa Fe and the problems acequias had with the water companies that built reservoirs on the Santa Fe River and what they did to get water.  He will delve into the remaining acequias in Santa Fe and what the future for them looks like then present a short video about the annual cleaning of the Acequia Madre.


The Santa Fe Watershed Association has a twenty year history of advocating for, restoring, educating, and stewarding the Rio de Santa Fe in order to maintain the health and vibrancy  of the watershed.  SFWA is a member based, non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Santa Fe.  They have always taken a “watershed approach” by acknowledging the concept that what happens in any part of the watershed effects the rest of the watershed as well. Andy Otto, Executive Director of the Santa Fe Watershed, will facilitate these talks.

Andy Otto
 has been the Executive Director of the Santa Fe Watershed since 2014. Andy holds a degree in watershed management from the University of Arizona and had spent  four years working with the Truckee River Watershed Council in California and Nevada. He has collaborated with many diverse and seemingly unrelated groups to arrive at creative solutions to many watershed issues.