May 14, Sunday, 11 am

Water is for Fighting Over and Other Myths About Water in the West: An Exploration of Solutions to the Colorado River Basin’s Water Problems, with John Fleck.

Hosts: Andy Otto, Alan Webber & Bill Dupuy



A science journalist with 30 years of  newspaper  experience, John first wrote about water in the 1980s as a beat reporter covering the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. He is the author of the book Water is for Fighting Over and Other Myths About Water in the West, an exploration of solutions to the Colorado River Basin’s water problems, published by Island Press.

Growing population and a warming climate are placing increasing pressures on the water supplies of the western United States. But contrary to common narratives of crisis, conflict, and looming apocalypse, the region’s communities have been quietly adapting to the changing circumstances. In showing that we can do more with less, and learning to collaborate rather than fight over water, these communities are lighting a path toward a future in which the West can not only survive but thrive in the face of its water supply adversity.

As a journalist, including more than two decades’ work at the Albuquerque Journal from 1990 to 2014, John grew to increasingly specialize in the water resource issues so critical in New Mexico and arid Southwest. His water-related writings and newspaper coverage have included important legal decisions as well as legislative activity, and spanned the state of New Mexico, as well as neighboring states, such as Arizona, Colorado and Texas.