January 21, 2018, Sunday, 11 am

MELYNN SCHUYLER, Founder and Executive Director of YouthWorks, Talks about How We Can Connect Disconnected Youth

Journey Hosts: Alan Webber & Bill Dupuy


Melynn Schuyler

Melynn Schuyler

MELYNN SCHUYLER discusses key methodologies to re-connect young people to their communities. As founder and director of YouthWorks she has headed this non-profit that has developed and implemented key strategies for re-engaging youth who can become vital and involved members of their communities.

Schuyler, who has a counseling background, founded YouthWorks in 2001, and since then the organization has provided an innovative continuum of services to re-connect youth to our community. Given the many perils that confront young people today, here is somebody with some answers.

Come talk with Melynn Schuyler about these exciting directions to reconnect youth to our city.

Free and open to the public.