January 14, 2018, Sunday, 11 am

Fred Nathan, Executive Director of Think New Mexico, Shows How To Improve New Mexico Education by Taking Dollars from Administration and Reallocating that Money to the Classroom

Journey Hosts: Alan Webber & Bill Dupuy 

Fred Nathan

Fred Nathan

FRED NATHAN, founder and director of New Mexico’s think tank, won a $1.25 billion settlement for New Mexico wrung from the tobacco companies when Nathan served as Special Counsel to Attorney General Tom Udall (1991-1998).


As director of Think New Mexico, Nathan will present innovations to help address the funding disparity between New Mexico school administration and the classroom. Currently at least 40% of school funding goes to administrative costs. Shifting just four percent of these monies could provide $100 million for reforms.


Tune in to this crucial discussion about how we can leverage our education spending more efficiently and effectively.


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