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November 5, Sunday, 11 am

WILLIAM SMITH, President and CEO of the Santa Fe Community Foundation (SFCF) Will Talk About the Exciting Directions That the Community Foundation is Now Taking. Journey Hosts: Alan Webber & Bill Dupuy

October 29, Sunday, 11 am

PETER DE BENEDITTIS, Ph.D., Progressive Candidate for Governor of New Mexico, Will Share with the Journey Audience How the Progressive Movement is Bucking the Trend. Journey Hosts: Alan Webber & Bill Dupuy

October 8, Sunday, 11 am

ANN FILEMYR, Vice President and Dean at Southwestern College, and NATE DOWNEY, President of PermaDesign, Will Forecast the Upcoming Economics of Happiness Conference (Oct. 12-14) Journey Hosts: Alan Webber & James Burbank